What Makes The World Go Around?

Show Me The Money! #

No, I’m not going to show you the money! That’s not what makes the world go around contrary to popular opinion. There are many things that money can buy but happiness isn’t one of them. In fact in all the brouhaha over Brazil, the World Cup and the Anti-FIFA agitation, one of the things that caught my eye was a quote by a woman on the streets “In Brazil, whether poor or rich, people happy.” Her grammatically imperfect yet profound statement reminds you that Brazil has the highest percentage and number of happy people in the world, despite many living on or below the poverty line.

What Can Money Buy? #

So if not happiness, at least loyalty? That can surely be bought for a handful of baubles on the first of every month. So can I depend on the friendship of my friends because I spend lavishly on them? How about employees? Would they be bound to follow me through challenging times, if I simply paid them well? The growing trend among job seekers is veering towards job satisfaction and the index isn’t struck on renumeration as the key criteria. Most other factors come into play with money taking the back seat. You can’t buy loyalty with money. Inspire loyalty, don’t try to buy it.

Walk With Me #

In recent times, circumstance has shown what I’ve always known. Be it family, loved ones or friends, people hanker behind money more than they do love and that makes or breaks relationships. I could let this turn me cold and cynical but I choose instead to invest in love and loyalty. Will I get companions who will walk with me willingly? I believe that is the only way forward! That is the only thing that truly matters. Though I’ve yet to see this happen in my life. I live to see my beliefs come true.


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