What? Are you thinking?

Thinkers are proliferant throughout the history of man. Civilization or not, man has always thought about topics ranging from the origin of self to the discovery of fire. In fact it is this particular faculty that separates man from his fellow creatures on this planet. But do all men think alike? Rather do all men exercise their power of thought equally?

Thoughts and Thumbs #

Some choose not to utilise this supreme faculty and donot think at all. The likes of such would rather respond to stimuli and situations based on conditioning and herd mentality. They follow their fellow man blindly without consideration or analysis. Laziness or fear of responsibilty and lack of decisiveness are the usual suspects as to why people would disown their ‘manhood’ as this is what really separates us from the thousand other species on the planet and not opposable thumbs as we like to believe.

What Next? #

Others begin the process of thinking but do not resolve or conclude the thought process. This leads to procrastination or disillusion about the process of thinking. Conclusion or resolution is very important if one is to actualize thought else it remains merely a masturbatory activity to indulge in. Therefore the exploratory journey becomes a lost expedition and the end result is rather unsatisfactory leading to depression.

There’s More? #

Which now brings us to the next genre of thinkers who successfully conclude their train of thought but donot implement or actualise what they have arrived at. Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do. Bruce Lee immortalised these words and they would be apt advice for one stuck in this phase of evolution.

Damn! #

What about those courageous souls who travel the thought train, reach their destination i.e conclude and then embark to implement their conclusions in the playground of life. All is well until life throws at them the first hurdle or obstacle. These brave souls now turn on their heels and head back to the sheltered herds and pre-conditioned thought patterns from where they had journeyed so far to reach.

Walk On… #

Very few souls endeavour to think and then endure to act upon their concluded or resolved thoughts. Their actions or deeds follow the path of thought and such actualization marks these men as a class apart. Life’s constant storms do little to dampen their spirits as they soar along their chosen destiny. What are you waiting for? Kick-start your quixotic journey right here right now!

Note: The terms ‘man’ or ‘manhood’ in this article are not gender specific.


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