Pray Have Patience, she said

Dial P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E for Patience #

That already got my goat! Patience isn’t one of my virtues. Persistence, maybe. Patience, no. I want it. Right here, right now. This is how insane I am with my demands from life, love and everything else that orbits around me. Yes, the megalomania isn’t lost on me, but that’s a subject for another day.

Instant Fix #

Just like an addict needs his fix when he wants it, I feel compulsively the need to be satiated on demand. The expectations I have of people are unreal (at least for them). The deadlines I set on projects are ball screwingly excruciating. I can certainly not tolerate small talk of the social kind and am extremely eager to end chit chat unless it grabs me by the balls. Yes, I do feel like a hummingbird on crack and that’s not just a pretty analogy.

Smell the Roses #

Thank you, but when everything is rushing past you at an insane speed, it’s not easy to distinguish between the roses and the thorns. Why is it really so important to stop? It’s really ironic that someone like me who has always refused to run the rat race, finds himself caught up in a flurry. Going where, you ask? I’m not really certain and that’s probably why I like being in a hurry. It delivers a sense of fulfillment and purpose when there is none. There is a certain air of importance that urgency bestows upon he who wields it.

Take a Deep Breath #

Whew! It’s surprising how hard it is to be soft. That moment of liberation is so elusive that the harder I try, the farther away it appears. When Bruce Lee found himself in a situation where he was frustrated with his development on the arts, he floated around the Hong Kong bay and in a fit, started punching the water. That is known to be his satoric trigger that set him on the journey that continues today after his death in the form of Jeet Kune Do. The Bruce Lee we know and remember today may never have existed, hence the favorite quote “Be water, my friend!”

If Not Now, When? #

The hardest part of being patient is not knowing the moment of reckoning. It’s easy to be impatient. You just have to want it now! There’s no easy answer to this, I’m sure. Being an atheist, there’s no solace sought from either God, gospel or trinkets like horoscopes and tarot cards. So there really isn’t any choice left. I choose instead to wait. Patiently. I thank you for patiently reading through my random rambling.


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