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Fighting Fit

Being fit is not a necessity anymore. You don’t need to climb trees, scale mountains and cross raging rivers. Hunting animals isn’t your only source of nutrition and neither is gathering or farming. You don’t need to fight off a burly bear to defend your space. Those in your clan aren’t likely to clobber you in the head if you failed to keep up during a hunt. Fucking in a frenzy is probably the only primal activity left for humans to understand what they are truly capable of. And then again…

You don’t even climb stairs anymore, there are high speed elevators. Crossing the street doesn’t require steely resolve or endurance. A whole animal could be on your plate without breaking a sweat. Any aggression with your colleagues or neighbours is strictly passive aggressive and settled only by paperwork and civil lawsuits. At the end of a stress filled day shuffling papers, your mojo is in no...

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Question the Answers

Year after year, the education system I was bound to repeated the same error unfailingly. Einstein would have called this an ideal example of insanity and I agree. According to him, insanity is repeating the same mistake again and again expecting different results. What is this error I speak of?

Answering the questions!

That’s right! Answering the questions is what we did at the end of every semester, every year during those hour long exams that were to decide a student’s fate.

The Clone Wars

No, you needn’t pull out your light saber, young padawan. But the threat is as serious as any. All the system succeeded in doing was create a competition where everyone was fighting to be the same. Everyone wanted to be the perfect scorer. Everyone wanted to be the top grader. To quote our scraggly haired friend again…

Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a...

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Real Estate - A Real Career Choice?

I’ve been trying to rent out my apartment unsuccessfully and I wondered how Realtors are able to do so with relative ease. That’s when I decided to study them as a career choice for the youth in this country. What intrigues me more is the fact that in India, almost every unemployed young man decides to make a buck by showing a few houses around in the hope for an easy percentage. Truth is real estate is a highly specialized profession that demands more skills than just a smooth talker can muster. So while many suggest that everyone should quit their jobs and immediately jump into full time real estate brokering, there is more to it. What appears to be an incredibly easy result for someone with little or no experience is not for everyone and certainly not every time. But it certainly has it’s advantages and these are what draws the youth to making this career choice.

More you Learn, More


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Social Status: Creator or Consumer?

When the time comes to share on social media, inanity rules the mind and that explains the deluge of “I’m eating cheeseburger” posts. The problem doesn’t lie there, but rather deeper in one’s psyche which is what we’ll target.

The Self

The growth of an individual plotted across a graph is linear in time but the self often hides within and refuses to come out let alone play. Many are afraid to express themselves as they truly are and others are so caught up in who they want to be, that they stifle who they really are. The battle rages within and the way to embrace is one of honesty. It takes courage to be honest and express oneself truly. The goal is not to be an exuberant extrovert. It simply is to be honestly and truly your own self. The digital realm has an extraordinary term which would best denote the ideal - WYSIWYG. What You See Is What You Get. Bare yourself to the world and let...

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20 Minutes

How working less can help you do more

There are 60 minutes in an hour and 1440 minutes in an entire day. Of course it doesn’t seem like much really even if it is a rather large number. Why? Because minutes pass by innocuously without much fanfare. Mulling on the subject, I concocted this modern koan on the ancient subject of time:

Time in minutes slips away,

First the hour then the day.

Small the daily loss appears,

Till it soon amounts to years.

Time is Forever

Procrastination is the modus operandi we use to kill time. Ironic really, because in the end it is time that kills us! Before that day arrives, there are many minutes we had to our credit. So we live with the illusion that we have all the time in the world. We plan our lives around this assumed “fact”. Our entire career and even life revolves around tomorrow which promises glory and gold at the end of the tunnel. We study...

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Honest Design

In today’s world, we presume that old fashioned values are a thing of the past, that getting rich requires a life of crime, murder and mayhem. Well at least that’s what the movies have us believe. Shortcuts are the only possible way to get rich in a world where 90% of the population are barely or just making ends meet.

How does Design feature in all of this? Well, design is all about problem solving. If in the interest of creating ‘pretty’ solutions to problems, designers tend to create a bigger problem. In the ‘Tao of Jeet Kune Do’ Bruce Lee says that art is never decoration, embellishment and that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. In the light of these statements, Lee proceeded to distill the essence of combat arts from the mess of flowery forms and 3000 year old dogmatic disciplines and doctrines into practical, functional fighting in it’s purest essence.

Similarly design...

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Digital Thinking - Now or Never.

Growing up in a world of constantly changing technology offers a strange solace only to those that can think in binary. The interwebs are replete with news about coding being the lingua franca of the future. Sure it is, but that’s way ahead of what I’m getting at. Language is important but what’s more so is the ability to think.

The Binary Concept - IO

In the binary world, everything is simply divided into 1s and 0s. No shades of grey, no middlemen, nothing that would obfuscate your train of thought. As all mathematicians believe, numbers are always more exciting than letters. Simply put, numbers always add up to the same end unlike letters which can take on a new meaning every time. A computer can be either on or off. Every single permutation and combination possible with the help of this modern miracle is based on the basic principles of binary wisdom.

Now or Never. The Ultimatum.


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