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The Most Important Words to Learn in Any Language

Communication is the key to connecting, relating and sharing. Whether that’s in a personal or professional relation, what makes it real is the emotions, feelings and thoughts that we choose to express to the other. Most of the time, things fall apart and people drift away due to insipid and insincere communication that fails to connect and create an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie. We humans are a deprived lot who have to resort to the use of a learnt language to communicate with each other. While studying the people on my professional team, I’ve understood that people are either afraid to express themselves or donot care enough (for themselves or for others) to genuinely express. As I study and observe animals, I see that they are not tied down by differences in language, dialect or accent and connect with each other without confusion. Humans probably invented language in order to...

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Wild tresses stream down with absolute abandon,
Screaming like banshees in the rain,
They beckon, beguiling me to lose myself…
Once in their midst, I stare bewildered,
Eyes like the deepest abyss staring back at me.
Do I dare blink?
Can anything break this spell?
Will my world still exist when I take my eyes off her?
As if in answer to my questions, she..
Smiles ever so subtly,
Pouts oh so much,
Those eyes seeking her target…

Then she blinked.
And I was gone!

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Femme Fatale

A friend shared this on her Facebook feed.

Overheard on the bus today, a mother telling her daughter:

“Girl, you have to stop dressing like a boy - everyday play basketball.. come back covered in dirt.. how to get boyfriend?!”

Inyo - Yin Yang

The Weaker Sex

The conversation above shows us why we continue to define the feminine gender as the ‘weaker sex’. Is the boyfriend, the trophy that the girl must aim for as a reward for being pretty? Why are men still taught to be chivalrous? Is it because it’s polite, or because women can’t take care of themselves and need to be molly-cuddled? Dressing to impress or appease? Girls are raised on the fairytales that depicted social norms back in the day. Are we still playing that tune? Must one’s worth be measured by the attention we grab? Isn’t that why we all strive for that mythical 15 minutes of fame? In a world where it’s getting easier to be famous...

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The Road Ahead…

The Road Ahead - Long & Winding
Black and White, Dark and Light

The piercing lights and the enveloping darkness grapple incessantly as I move entranced, at once a part of their dance.
Every journey on the road, driving through the night brings a surreal timelessness to my mind.
As if I were watching the eternal play of day and night from my own seat among the stars.

Kerouac’s adventures on the road were never even heard of when i first embarked on that quixotic journey into nowhere. At 17, an excitable disposition was just the ticket I needed to take off into the horizon, following the long and winding road for years on end. Hitchhiking is harder during summer days sandwiched between the blazing skies and the sweltering tarmac. But at night, it’s scary, magical and mysterious all at once!

Life in monochrome, black and white, dark and light…

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Think, Speak, Share - Spreading Ideas


The crowd is the gathering place of the weakest, true creation is a solitary act.

Bukowski might be an apt example of his own words, but while this statement warrants debate, what’s beyond doubt is the fact that to spread those original thoughts and ideas, one needs to connect, interact and relate to others.

Ideas - Currency of the Future

Couple of years back, I met this enterprising young German who was part of the original Bitcoin team and I wish I had gotten more bitcoins then. One look at the growth graph is enough to convince the skeptics that this is the harbinger of the future. Nothing so radical has ever been attempted I mainstream economics. And yet, I’m betting on something more ancient to be the future currency of the world - ideas! They are a dime a dozen and without effective execution, they are just pipe dreams. Still, the potential they hold is immense and the value...

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Fuck! Don’t Pluck.


One for all, all for One

In a world ruled by delusions of monogamy and marriage, to think out of the box (quite literally) is an outrage. The 60s brought a revolution that didn’t last long. The 80s and 90s supposedly emancipated single women to go forth and sail solo in the wild waters. But truly speaking we’re stuck neck deep in the sand and haven’t a clue what it means to be free! The great rationale of modern civilizations’ pioneers was that they were educating the barbarians into better civilized ways. Society has existed since forever amongst animals and amongst humans. Early settlements even existed peacefully alongside animals forming a mutual society. The male-female dynamic likewise was open and unhindered by exclusivity. This extended into parenting as well and it was common for the offspring of one parent to be raised by another. Simply because there was no concept of owner...

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Exploring Innovation in Smartphones

Case Study: LG G2


As an avid Android user from the early days, I’ve watched and experienced it grow from an immature OS to an innovative eco-system that delivers on everything it promised and more. On the hardware front, users and industry experts have always cribbed about the issue of ‘fragmentation’. On the software side, manufacturers loaded Android with bloated apps and ugly skins. They did little or no innovation on the hardware front except chasing processor speeds and pixel density. I’m happy to see that this trend is changing. Let’s consider the LG G2 for instance. LG has successfully churned out two Nexus flagship phones for Google consecutively. The G2 is an interesting case study to prove my point of innovation.


Something that many would assume existed on every phone once they get used to the convenience of waking your phone up by tapping on the screen instead of...

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Being Human is Overrated - Be Animal!

Be Human! Everywhere this campaign has created ripples and has caught favor with everyone thanks to our high handedness in the Kingdom of Earth as the most elite and evolved species present. Being human is according to many religions a product of years of rebirth as lower creatures until one evolved into a human being - the penultimate. Others still believe that being human is being compassionate and creative and that being an animal is cruel, wild, insensitive and uncaring. How we wish that were true, but as is obvious it is not.

I say “Be Animal!” Look at the fondest memories you have of your pet dog. It is more loving and caring and loyal to you than your own parents, siblings or loved ones. It loves you to a fault and cares not what clothes you wear, where you work, what you drive or the money you make. I bet no human relaionship can compare. Horses and livestock provide us with...

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Love and Currency


Today everyone and their dog wants to build a tech startup. No, it’s not just a random phrase but carefully selected words. Dogs are man’s best friends and the reason for that is their undying loyalty to their master. Again the word ‘master’ might reek of domineering, uncaring and sadistic creatures thanks to our own conditioning over the years. However anybody and their dog will stand testimony to this most excellent relationship that surpasses the test of time and adversity. In fact most human relationships are sadomasochistic in nature and while the roles keep reversing, the equation never changes. What does any of this have to do with startups and technology?

Fidelity over Competency

When hiring for a startup, the people that we look for are simply put; those who can accomplish what we can’t ourselves. “Always hire those better than you.” This oft spoken phrase is proof that we...

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Motorola in Mumbai - India Part Deux

I’ve long since been an ardent admirer and avid user of Motorola products especially in the Phones division. From the original Moto Razr to the tough-as-nails Defy, the 1st Fingerprint sensor phone; the (M)Atrix, the best QWERTY ever; Droid 4 and the sleek yet never-say-die Droid Razr MAXX the journey has always been exciting. During the time, I’ve received great feedback and support from Motorola USA executives when I’d write in asking about future plans and product launches in the Indian subcontinent. It’s quite a pleasant surprise when you write into the CEO of the company about a pet peeve and you actually get a reply. And not just the humoring auto repsonder kind. So I was rather sad to see them leave the subcontinent last year as they packed their bags. I did however have a premonition that there was a comeback planned right then..

Google - The X Factor

Enter Google and the...

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