Love and Currency


Today everyone and their dog wants to build a tech startup. No, it’s not just a random phrase but carefully selected words. Dogs are man’s best friends and the reason for that is their undying loyalty to their master. Again the word ‘master’ might reek of domineering, uncaring and sadistic creatures thanks to our own conditioning over the years. However anybody and their dog will stand testimony to this most excellent relationship that surpasses the test of time and adversity. In fact most human relationships are sadomasochistic in nature and while the roles keep reversing, the equation never changes. What does any of this have to do with startups and technology?

Fidelity over Competency #

When hiring for a startup, the people that we look for are simply put; those who can accomplish what we can’t ourselves. “Always hire those better than you.” This oft spoken phrase is proof that we value competency over fidelity - currency over love. Why does love even matter in an equation such as this? Isn’t this a purely professional relationship that shouldn’t even remotely involve love? No and that’s what the New World is all about. Startups fostered not only a spirit of innovation but one of camaraderie and kinship. Two friends getting together in a garage to create the impossible. Sounds familiar?

“Don’t love the business because it won’t love you back. Instead, love the people that you built the business with.” Bernard Perrine

Burning at Both Ends #

The desire for financial gain is foremost on the list of most startups and fame being a close second. Many do it for the love of the game. Others still are only interested in creating purely for the sheer love and passion of it. However what is far more important is the bonhomie and camaraderie among the people involved to reach that goal. Under intense pressure to perform, deliver and dominate a highly competitive world, it’s completely forgotten that people are real and not profits. In the quest for growth and goals, all else is laid to waste. The most valuable resource is the people in any company or team. In an increasingly ‘social’ world, we forget to connect with those around us, walking with us, working for us and those supporting us. We all know the story of Midas and his Golden touch. Need I say more?

It’s the journey and not the destination

Risks and Rewards #

The arena of the tech kingdom is fraught with dangers from bankruptcy to takeovers, buyouts to sellouts. The risks can be as devastating as the unimaginable rewards of a successful startup. In this world of unpredictability, it’s time to embrace the spirit of connectivity, sharing and social networks and follow them for REAL!


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