Fighting Fit

Being fit is not a necessity anymore. You don’t need to climb trees, scale mountains and cross raging rivers. Hunting animals isn’t your only source of nutrition and neither is gathering or farming. You don’t need to fight off a burly bear to defend your space. Those in your clan aren’t likely to clobber you in the head if you failed to keep up during a hunt. Fucking in a frenzy is probably the only primal activity left for humans to understand what they are truly capable of. And then again…

You don’t even climb stairs anymore, there are high speed elevators. Crossing the street doesn’t require steely resolve or endurance. A whole animal could be on your plate without breaking a sweat. Any aggression with your colleagues or neighbours is strictly passive aggressive and settled only by paperwork and civil lawsuits. At the end of a stress filled day shuffling papers, your mojo is in no mood to get it going. All you can think of is how tired you are…

And you haven’t done a thing! Really, you haven’t used your body in the way nature intended for you to. Fitness is a fad or worse a phenomenon that dictates that one wear spandex and jog or cycle incessantly on a machine that takes you nowhere. To make matters even worse, the definition of a fit body is one that is manufactured in botox labs, plastic surgeons’ operating tables, tanning chambers, toned in machines that build empty shells. We strive, yearn to be like one of these ‘mannequins’, without a care for what it means to be fit, to be alive!


Feeding. Fucking. Fighting #

Feeding, fucking and fighting was all that primal man or any self respecting wild animal would do. It was all that nature had intended of it. Today, when ambition soars high, Silicon Valley dreams beckon, paper currency rules and the brain is the boss, does the body even live? The truth is that regardless of how high your goals may be set, how important you think your dream is, your body doesn’t take about anything but your ability to survive. Survival that is based on how comfortably you can feed, fuck and fight - in no particular order of priority. That said, it is an astute observation that in order to eat, one would have to fight to ensure one’s share amongst others, fend off other suitors till you got your chance to fornicate, thus making fighting the most important of the three.

Fighting Fit #

The term is familiar to everyone yet so impossible. Even fitness fanatics who train various aspects are in no condition to fight to save their lives. Does it really matter? In today’s world, most conflicts are settled in courts, and those that do take the law into their own hands, do so with tools like handguns. Easy, no skill required and in a fraction of the time. Why then is it still important to stay fit? Note that I’m not just talking of health, but a more supreme state of functioning - fitness. Real fitness. Fighting fitness. Modern body builders develop spectacular specimens of bodies that are an aesthetic delight but serve no function. Sports savours individual prowess in unique aspects that endeavor to instill values but hardly serves the purpose and certainly isn’t truly combative in nature. The martial arts have lost all meaning of the word ‘martial’ and are mostly dance forms or sport derivatives which abhor brutal hard core combat.

Combat. Real and Unforgiving #

The beauty of combat is it’s direct and definitive nature that separates the true from the false. No bullshit survives an engagement, no excuses cut it here and nothing can prepare one for the reality of combat. It is instant karma - you make a mistake and drop your guard and you pay the price! Combat demands fitness - strength, endurance, flexibility, stamina and coordination. That’s not even scratching the surface of the strategy and tactics you learn to get the better of adversaries and adverse situations alike. The side effects aren’t exactly what you’d look for in a gym or under a surgeon’s knife. Bulging muscles only slow you down and serve no function. Yoga gives you flexibility, but is that enough? Running endlessly catabolizes your body and leaves your muscles wasted before your time. We’re not even exploring the health benefits of holistic exercise best experienced by training in full contact, no holds barred combat. Not only is combat a complete workout, but it’s the true primal activity that brings you in tune with your true spiritual essence. Compassion for all living creatures grows as a result of this martial upbringing and the closest way to the spiritual is through the physical. Fighting is the closest you’ll feel to being truly, madly and deeply alive!!



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