Fuck! Don’t Pluck.


One for all, all for One #

In a world ruled by delusions of monogamy and marriage, to think out of the box (quite literally) is an outrage. The 60s brought a revolution that didn’t last long. The 80s and 90s supposedly emancipated single women to go forth and sail solo in the wild waters. But truly speaking we’re stuck neck deep in the sand and haven’t a clue what it means to be free! The great rationale of modern civilizations’ pioneers was that they were educating the barbarians into better civilized ways. Society has existed since forever amongst animals and amongst humans. Early settlements even existed peacefully alongside animals forming a mutual society. The male-female dynamic likewise was open and unhindered by exclusivity. This extended into parenting as well and it was common for the offspring of one parent to be raised by another. Simply because there was no concept of ownership, neither of partner nor of offspring. So everyone cared for each other with equal love and affection. This shared relationship extended into all aspects of the society. Food, clothing and shelter were catered to for each other as groups took each task upon themselves specific tasks, thus providing for the society as a whole. Sounds utopian does it? It’s the simple truth of living together and we have strayed far from the path, ironically while looking for this utopia itself.

Technology facilitates a U-turn #

Long assumed to be future focused, technology today is looking towards simplicity and finding answers in the past. As ridiculous as it is, mankind is on a fool’s errand to find ideal living conditions on other planets when he can’t live comfortably on good ol’ planet Earth. The real ground breaking technical innovation is taking place right here on earth. The abundant use of open source software is the backbone of the internet revolution. Practically every server and technology supporting the internet is using open source to power itself. End user technology is rapidly moving towards adopting open standards and proprietary tech is struggling to keep pace. Smartphones are the new tools of empowerment packing enough firepower to start a creative revolution. For the first time in a long time, people can create, publish and share with the world right from where they are. And this is increasingly being facilitated by the open source efforts of pioneers. I’m not dwelling on the specifics of the movement (Open source, GNU, Google, limited access, etc.) but more so on the philosophical aspects of sharing vs hoarding.

Governance Glorified #

In an environment created to encourage hoarding instead of nurturing sharing, is it any surprise that 99% of the populace is striving hard while 1% are milking the results? One of the many imaginative solutions to this predicament is what I saw in the Kannada movie ‘Super’ - a Utopian India in the year 2030 where Indians are pictured to be wealthy and take pride in wearing traditional attire while westerners are left with menial jobs like driving taxis, janitorial, etc. It is a future where the rupee is valued high and people who cannot speak Kannada are considered illiterates. India today, beset with problems of identity, corruption, red-tapism, pollution and unemployment is a far cry from what we see in the film. And note that none of these are indicative of so called ‘developing nations’ but plague all nations worldwide. The change is brought about by giving the people rights and responsibility of their own space in the city/country, symbolizing that it’s the people who are ultimately responsible for the course of a nation and that governance begins only when each person takes responsibility for his own role. All of this might sound overtly utopian and fantastical, but deeper introspection reveals that this is simply how early tribes across the world existed and thrived. Again, the argument of scalability doesn’t really cut it and all our modern solutions of governance have yet to prove their worth in results.

The Future is Now! #

There is no time left to blame concepts, ideologies and people anymore. The change that we wish to see in the world is one that happens within. Enjoy the bounties of life and love without plundering and pillaging. Live light and love easy. Abundance does not necessitate avarice. Share, don’t hoard.

Fuck, don’t pluck!


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