Femme Fatale

A friend shared this on her Facebook feed.

Overheard on the bus today, a mother telling her daughter:

“Girl, you have to stop dressing like a boy - everyday play basketball.. come back covered in dirt.. how to get boyfriend?!”

Inyo - Yin Yang

The Weaker Sex #

The conversation above shows us why we continue to define the feminine gender as the ‘weaker sex’. Is the boyfriend, the trophy that the girl must aim for as a reward for being pretty? Why are men still taught to be chivalrous? Is it because it’s polite, or because women can’t take care of themselves and need to be molly-cuddled? Dressing to impress or appease? Girls are raised on the fairytales that depicted social norms back in the day. Are we still playing that tune? Must one’s worth be measured by the attention we grab? Isn’t that why we all strive for that mythical 15 minutes of fame? In a world where it’s getting easier to be famous without really accomplishing anything, the answers are more questionable than ever.

Exclusivity #

Why do we have co-ed schools where boys’ sports are excluded to girls? Why don’t we have co-ed physical sports? Are we so afraid of sexual proximity & a natural proclivity towards sexual freedom that we deny youth it’s vigor? In combat, the female of the human species is generally weaker than the male - but only physically! And again, that is more so because of the way the male grows up or is trained. A trained woman can be as good a fighter as a male, often times better! there are so many more aspects to fighting than mere physical strength that women in totality have a good chance to get the upper hand in combat with the right teaching. And yet, we refrain from allowing boys and girls to play against each other or with each other.

The Truth is Out There #

There is no better place where one can get answers to life’s questions but nature herself. Nature never intended for the female of the species to be ‘weaker’. Among prides, it is the female that leads the hunt. It is the mother that teaches young tiger cubs to stalk prey, hunt and fight. It is the mother that defends it’s cubs from danger. The female gives birth; soon after both mother and offspring are up and moving in a matter of hours - to hunt, defend and survive against all odds with or without support from the male.

Role Reversals #

So why cannot two opponents in the same weight category fight regardless of the gender difference? I would even go so far as to say regardless of weight categories, but that’s hard core combat which is out of bounds of civilisation’s veneer. So limiting the discussion to sports, why does the gender divide persist in a supposedly progressive society? We live in a day and age where role reversals are increasingly popular - where men care for the domestic nest and the female provides, where men are increasingly unafraid to be sensitive and women are unafraid to be strong. How long will this oscillation between one extreme to another continue until we find true harmony and balance?

Change #

Are we as men, responsible for pampering the female sex to be soft, delicate and petite creatures that are incapable of survival? Are we doing this in order to maintain our dominatory position in society? Yes, we are. And the only way to find balance is to aim for the opposite extreme so that eventually one finds oneself centered and balanced.

the rigid and unbending is the disciple of death,

the flexible and yielding; the disciple of life!


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