Digital Thinking - Now or Never.

Growing up in a world of constantly changing technology offers a strange solace only to those that can think in binary. The interwebs are replete with news about coding being the lingua franca of the future. Sure it is, but that’s way ahead of what I’m getting at. Language is important but what’s more so is the ability to think.

The Binary Concept - IO #

In the binary world, everything is simply divided into 1s and 0s. No shades of grey, no middlemen, nothing that would obfuscate your train of thought. As all mathematicians believe, numbers are always more exciting than letters. Simply put, numbers always add up to the same end unlike letters which can take on a new meaning every time. A computer can be either on or off. Every single permutation and combination possible with the help of this modern miracle is based on the basic principles of binary wisdom.

Now or Never. The Ultimatum. #

Life and death matters always precede everything else in priority. While the severity of the situation is not to be underplayed, what is remarkably striking is the simple and yet stark difference between the two choices. None of the interim states of being - delirium, unconsciousness or coma fail to feature as prominent possibilities. And in this state of urgency, of the ultimate ultimatum, does the mind finally fathom that which is true, real and not merely ephemeral in the grand scheme of things. Great thoughts, ideas are often revealed during such intense and liberating times.

The Cosmic Counterplay #

In Indian mythological fare, the universe is powered by the interplay of Shiva and Parvati; the male and female energies. The Taoistic nature of things is also divided into the Yin and Yang energies that are in constant contact and yet never static. While the symbol clearly shows that there is yin in yang and vice versa, there isn’t a patch of grey anywhere. The simplification of all complexities of life narrow down to two basic opposite forces at play. Star war aficionados would identify that you are either with the dark side of the Force or on the Light side.

Bottomline doesn’t change #

World over we are seeing a renaissance in every area of life. Politics has become less diplomatic and more blatant. The end of the Cold War has seen covert operations turning overt. Business have started growing lean and giant behemoths are restructuring and rebooting to play in the new world. Traditional medium of advertising has started giving way to the digital medium. Marketing methodologies have started going guerrilla. In the midst of all this, it’s easy to keep calm and think. If you stick to the basics i.e.

Simplify! #

A lot has been written about the cons of binary thinking and “bifurcation fallacy” and people who habitually think in this way are assumed unintelligent and unimaginative. And yet without delving into the details of that debate, it is important to practise this form of thought, if only as a vital skill in the following century. For starters, break down your decision making dilemmas into it’s smallest blocks and distill that complexity down to a simple choice. Thinking digital doesn’t mean jumping to conclusions at the drop of a hat just because there are less options to choose from. It merely cuts through the faff so you can swing both sides and debate the pros and cons of both sides before you choose your way. Apply this thinking into every aspect of your personal and professional life and don’t be afraid of over simplification. Why? Because it always boils down to that last choice. It can’t get simpler than that.

“No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.”


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